The Estate Sales Pro of San Diego
On Premise Estate Sales - Liquidations - Removals - Online Sales - Appraisals - Downsizing - Relocating - Virtual Sales - Business Liquidations & Auctions
Experience and Knowledge:
Former Antique Store Owner and Antique Mall owner
Appraiser of Household Items values for court system
Conductor of Estate Sales for over a decade
20+ years Sales & Marketing Involvement Experience
Large Following, Repeat Customer Base
Sales Conducted Every Month

Services Offered:
Local On-Premise Sales
Overall appraisal no charge
Individual Items appraised by hourly rate

Complete Clean Out Services Available:
Haul-Away of Debris, Garbage, Etc.
Cleaning of Home for Sale or Rental


Integrity: Please see references. We take nothing, we account for everything. We do NOT buy and sell anything on the side, this is our business. We feel it is a conflict of interest to conduct sales if you purchase for yourself.

TYPICAL Estate Sale Scenario:

1. The family (you) determines what you want to keep from the estate.
2. We meet and determine the best course of action for the remains, an on-premise estate sale or discuss options. Our % only fee is determined by the volume of items & amount of work needed to bring you top $ in the time frame required from your estate.
3. We uncover, clean, price and display all items. Personal items returned to the family.
4. Efficient cleaning, displaying and pricing of all items, advertising via a huge e-mail list, local internet and AMAZING signage to bring the PUBLIC to your estate sale! On-premise estate sales run in a professional fair and firm manner- No price negotiations, scheduled mark-downs.
5. The estate sale is held for one or two days, typically 90% of household is sold to the public.
6. Proceeds from the estate sale are paid within 36 hours, additional items deemed worthy are consigned or sold via internet
7. Remains from the estate sale are bagged, boxed and donated to Charity, a receipt is given in family's name- or buyout/cleanout service (family has choices).
8. We leave home in broom clean condition clear of all items possible.
9. Hazardous waste and further removal of debris offered at below-market rates.

The Estate Sales Pro - Sami Hardwick, Owner

Clairemont Area, San Diego, CA 92111

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