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Estate Sales Conducted for all of the San Diego Area

Why Call Us?

FREE Overall Estimates: We are always on-target (or low,) never high.

Higher $ Returns: More of the public finds its way to our sales - unique (amazing) signage and marketing insures good traffic. More public = More sales. We have an extensive e-mail list of collectors and advertise many different ways for each sale. Specialty Items sold Online or through Upscale Galleries

Medium Estates OK: We are not looking exclusively for antiques or big $ amounts.

Fast Service: We can organize and sell very quickly if needed.

Efficient: Most sales last only one day or two. Our Experience makes it WORK.

We handle clean Up: We donate remaining items or sell the few remains and handle having them removed within a week of sale date. (Family retains charity tax deduction.)

Excellent Local References: We do a great job. (References from private parties and local attorneys upon request.)

Experience and Knowledge Former Antique Store Owner and Antique Mall owner, Appraiser of Household Items values for court system, Conductor of Estate Sales for over a decade, Online Sales Expert, Large Following of Customer Base, Sales Monthly

Caring & Empathetic support for family and friends: We are sensitive to all parties involved.

Not affiliated with any store: We take nothing prior to the sale & leave nothing when done. Selling to the public = higher returns than selling to dealers. We have no attachments & owe no favors. We remove & sell when on-premise sale isn't possible.

Professional Manner: All items are sold in an orderly fashion, no negotiating: All items are cleaned, researched, priced and sold.

Cost: Lower cost, in most cases, for the best service with a higher return. No out of pocket costs. Actual cost is a percentage of total sales, calculated by actual cost and time involved (given at time of Sale Estimate.) Consultant Fee paid to us from your proceeds.

Please do not hesitate to call if we can answer any questions for you. Thank you!

Sami Hardwick